A Special Treat

for my fellow Jamie lovers out there.



Subconscious Mawwiage

Don’t know why. I’ve never even really had a crush on this bastard, but over the past fifteen years, I have had multiple dreams where I was married to –

Topher Fucking Grace.

In the first dream, we were at the altar and he suddenly bust out in a wookie impression. I knew then he was the one.

Someone analyze that shit!

This Article is My Spirit Animal

Let Your Freak Flag Fly: 11 Struggles Of Being A Highly Sexual Woman

When you’re a woman who absolutely loves sex, you’re a minority among your female counterparts. You’re a bit like a unicorn, a woman whom men have heard of but have never seen.

To many, you are a myth. In fact, women being sexual creatures in any sense are a myth to most.

This article is my spirit animal.

There’s an interesting downfall to being a “Unicorn” as this article by Gigi Engle calls us, and it’s one that can really get us in trouble. It’s that a lot of men who would call us the “HOLY GRAIL” become intimidated by the notion of a woman with that much passion. Is it because they fear they can’t keep up with us, that we’re insatiable, that they won’t be able to please us, or is it that they themselves have oversold their own passions and lustful tendencies in their efforts to win our interest? Maybe both.

I don’t know, but either way it was a good read. Here’s hoping there are some male unicorns out there as well.

Why would anyone use this for anything else?

I’ve never understood the people who want to grow plants in such a space. I mean sure, let’s get some floral apocalypse going up in here, but what I want this room for – what I will use this room for when I buy my future house that will obviously have a conservatory is – well, it’s obvious.

I’m going to write in it. When I’m not shagging my true love in it, obviously.


Shagging and writing. Clearest of all winners. For those are the things that would make ME bloom. 😛

Collaboration With Alana Hart Continues

Email banner signatureComing Soon from ALANA HART and MICHAELA WRIGHT


The Blackrock Bears, Book Two

Keep your eyes peeled for the cover reveal! Coming in the next week. Can’t wait to reveal our MEN IN CHARGE title.

To celebrate the new release, we’re sharing the brand new cover for Blackrock Bears, Book One



A Dark Paranormal Romance that proves True Love can conquer any foe.

Saving Her Bear by Alana Hart and Michaela Wright

Download it here for $2.99, or always FREE in Kindle Unlimited.


New Release Party – HYSTERIA, Book 2 of The NAMESAKEN

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It’s That Time Again!

Hello my lovelies,
Just in time for Halloween! I’m so excited to finally get to announce the release of HYSTERIA, Book Two of the NAMESAKEN Series. Catch my newest Gothic Romance now at the early release price of $2.99 or FREE in Kindle Unlimited! (Download Here!)

Also on the agenda for today, we have a few slots opening up on our ARC team. If you would like to read HYSTERIA for free in return for an honest review, you may sign up here!

Hope everyone is having an amazing October, and may those fun size Snickers bars NOT go directly to your backside!

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, sacrificial goat offerings – my email is MichaelaWrightAuthor@gmail.com, and I always love hearing from you!

– M

hysteriatypeWelcome to Edinburgh – 1828

Inexperienced Liv has run to Edinburgh to escape the long abuses of her family, but she’s arrived in the city at an unfriendly time for travelers. Liv quickly finds employment as a scullery maid in the household of Dr. Findlay Lennox. Though Dr. Lennox pays fairly, his household comes with visitors – ghosts that only Liv can see, coming at night to steal any hope of sleep. Dr. Lennox discovers her troubles, offering to take her as his patient. Yet, she finds his professional interests unsettling; Dr. Lennox is studying the female anatomy – intimately. Findlay Lennox takes local prostitutes as his ‘test subjects,’ developing his skills in manual manipulation – a treatment for Hysteria, melancholy, and as he assures Liv, sleeplessness. Her appointments begin in earnest – but how long can they pretend it isn’t more?

As their connection grows, Liv meets Findlay’s colleague, Dr. Knox – a man, who unlike Findlay, prefers his subjects dead. As Findlay’s volunteers and other dregs of Edinburgh begin disappearing, Liv begins to wonder why the missing girls have chosen to haunt her.

**Intended for Mature Audiences**

Pay the Writer – Harlan Ellison

This man swears almost as much as me. Poetry.

This is something that truly troubles the world of art. To quote Alasdair Gray –

“People in Scotland have a queer idea of the arts. They think you can be an artist in your spare time, though nobody expects you to be a spare-time dustman, engineer, lawyer or brain surgeon.”
― Alasdair Gray

Daily Words – HYSTERIA (Coming Soon)

You know when you’ve been looking forward to a scene for ages and ages (and pages and pages)?

Just reached that moment… and after roaring through 3.5k today, I’m saving it in the well for tomorrow. Phew boy!

“He turned his head toward her just so, but didn’t look at her. He exhaled sharply out his nose once or twice, as though scoffing at some notion that only he’d heard. Then he licked his lips.

The cold air against her legs was the first thing to betray his movements. He lifted the blanket from the edge of the bed, the cool of his fingers running over her ankle bone as he turned on the mattress to face her. She recoiled just so. Despite having experienced this so many times in the sterility of his exam room, somehow his touch there – in the quiet of her bedroom – brought a depth of intimacy, completely changing the act that would transpire there. His hand took hold of her ankle and pulled her leg aside, causing her to lean back on the bed. He shifted onto his knee at the foot of the bed, pulling the blankets aside in a rough movement, leaving her legs bared to the cold.”


Coming Soon